Review of 2020

 2020 turned out to be a very different year, with all schools closed for several months, with the result that there was virtually no organised outdoor sport for young people, and so we were not  able to donate the sports footwear which is one of the main aims of our Body and Sole project,

However, through our contacts at Glasgow City Council , and particularly the PEPASS team (Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sports), we learned of a need to support the school hubs which operated throughout lockdown, to support the most disadvantaged pupils across the city. 

We were pleased to provide a large variety of outdoor activity equipment to a value of £6000 which was used in 40 establishments . This enabled the purchase of hula hoops, space hoppers, footballs, basketballs, scooters, racquets, hockey sticks etc.

Very recently, the Cordiners learned of the Keeping Warm in Glasgow campaign, organised by the Director of Education, in partnership with various media outlets including the Herald.

In an attempt to make classrooms safer, windows are being kept open to increase ventilation, and hopefully reduce the risk of virus transmission in schools. This has highlighted the need for more and better warm clothing for many of the pupils in Glasgow, hence the appeal.

By a happy coincidence, a member of the Cordiners’ Master Court has a clothing business, and has made available a large quantity of warm jumpers etc at a very substantial discount. 

This has allowed the Craft to purchase a sizeable quantity of suitable garments with a £5000 donation.

The Cordiners are very pleased to have been able to contribute to the Trades House effort to reduce hardship in Glasgow in this very difficult year.

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