Thursday, May 28, 2020

Body and Sole on JustGiving

The long-drawn our process for adding Body and Sole to JustGiving is almost complete - indeed you can already donate - but it seems there will be another (short) delay before they can add the GiftAid facility so you may wish to keep your Boxes locked up with both keys until that little matter is sorted out.


The End is Nigh!

No, not THAT END, the end of the lock-down is slowly coming closer. The Cordiners were thanked today on the website of the Glasgow Disabled Scouts whose Appeal for a rebuilt Lodge at Glengoyne is one of our key charities.

Obviously, the Scouts like everybody else have been locked-down but the youngsters involved have been kept on their toes by the very demanding (and crazy!) tasks set every week by the Scouts Taskmaster which then reappear for judging on Youtube. It is a great organization and the Cordiners are proud to be associated with it.

Master Court Meeting March 10th

 The Master Court of the Incorporation of Cordiners held a meeting over Zoom this evening. Deacon Brian McAlinden was in the Chair.