Joining the Cordiners

The Incorporation of Cordiners has many of the same objectives now as it had in 1558, even if it no longer controls the trade. These are:

1. To encourage and celebrate excellence in the leather trade.

2. To offer recognition and support to students and apprentices connected with the trade.

3. To offer charitable assistance to needy citizens of Glasgow and other good causes, primarily now through its own Body and Sole charity providing young people with suitable footwear for sports and other outdoor activities.


1. Being a part of the historic trades of Glasgow.

2. Joining in the many social functions of the Trade and the wider Trades House.

3. Supporting excellence in a craft whch at its best is also an art.

4. Taking part in wider charitable activities to support those in need.

5. Becoming a a freeman, a Burgess, of the City of Glasgow.


Anybody, regardless of age or geographical location, can join - we have babies, great-grandparents, New Yorkers, Scandinavians, Londoners,  and Edinburgh residents, in the Incorporation. It can give people who live far away a strong sense of connection with the people of Glasgow and Scotland.

Forms can be download from the Join the Cordiners section of the website.

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