First Master Court of the Year

Deacon Brian McAlinden CBE chaired his first meeting of the Master Court of the Incorporation of Cordiners in Glasgow this evening.

Choosing Day 2020

The Choosing Day AGM of the Incorporation has just concluded, by Zoom. The oath was administered by Clerk Tom Monteith to our newly-elected Deacon, Brian McAlinden CBE and Collector Liam Entwhistle. At the end of the meeting, as usual but unusually through a glass darkly, the meeting was joined by the Deacon Convener, the Collector of the House and the Clerk to the House. The Deacon paid tribute to his predecessor, Dr Beverly Bergman. and thanked her for her skill and generosity in taking on the office for a second time. The newly-elected Mastercourt now comprises: Deacon Brian McAlinden CBE, Collector Liam Entwhistle, Late Deacon Dr Beverly Bergman,Ex-deacons Dr Christine Linnell, Dr Adrian Pierotti, Dr Iain Lennox, Professor Ewan Macdonald OBE, James H. Roulston, Masters Jonathan Wright, Jocelyn O’Shaughnessy, David McClements, Colin Miller, Richard Campbell, Alison Culpan.Ex-Conveners: James Y. Miller, Dr Alistair Dorward

Cordiners Mastercourt 2020-2021

The Mastercourt of the Incorporation of Cordiners for 2020-2021 is as follows:Deacon: Brian McAlinden CBECollector: Liam EntwhistleLate Deacon: Dr Beverly BergmanEx-Deacons: Professor Ewan Macdonald OBE, Dr Iain Lennox, Dr Adrian Pierotti, Dr Christine Linnell, James H. RoulstonMasters: Jocelyn O'Shaughnessy, Alison Culpan, Richard Campbell, Colin Miller, David McClements,  Jonathan Wright. 

Roman Shoes

Your  correspondent visited the Shoe Collection at the wonderful Vindolanda Roman Fort near Hadrian's Wall and found many of the ancient shoes in better nick than his own.

Incorporation of Cordiners AGM

Tomorrow the Annual General Meeting of the Incorporation of Cordiners in Glasgow will be held live on Zoom at 8.45 a.m. You should email the Clerk for a link.

Cordwainers on TV

Good to see a classy question on "The Chase" - the contestant got it right, by the way....