Friday, September 14, 2018

Choosing Day 2018

Friday 14th September was Choosing Day: the Cordiners were delighted to elect Professor Ewan Macdonald OBE to the post of Deacon. Ewan is an occupational physician who trained in occupational medicine in the coal mining industry and has since led UK and international services in industrial sectors as diverse as computing, textiles, aluminium production and health care. He is a former Dean of the UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine and founder and Past President of the Occupational Medicine section of the Union of European Medical Specialists.

Late Deacon Dr Iain Lennox placed the Deacon's Chain round Deacon Professor Macdonald's neck.

Deacon Macdonald then gave Late Deacon Lennox his ExDeacon's medal.

After she had taken the oath, Collector Dr Beverly Bergman was presented by the Deacon with the Collector's medal.

The AGM was happily concluded by the visit of the Deacon Convener, Cordiner Dr Alistair Dorward, the Collector of the House, Bruce Reidford, and the Clerk to the House, John Gilchrist. 

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