Thursday, October 10, 2019

Deacon Convener's Dinner

There was a goodly turn-out of Cordiners at Deacon Convener Bruce Reidford's Dinner last night: Ex-Conveners James Y. Miller and Alistair Dorward were on the top-table, while Deacon Dr Beverly Bergman was supported by Late Deacon Professor Ewan MacDonald OBE,  Ex-Deacons Dr Christine Linnell, Trevor Paterson, James Roulston, and Dr Iain Lennox, and Ex-Deacon Liam Devlin presided at the piano while Ex-Deacon Dr Adrian Pierotti was master of ceremonies at the Partners' Dinner downstairs.

International Heraldry Day

We mark International Heraldry Day by celebrating the Heraldry of the Trades Hall of Glasgow. Here is the famous Trades Window bearing the a...