Incorporation of Cordiners AGM

The Incorporation of Cordiners held its Annual General Meeting this morning in the saloon of the Trades Hall. The following were duly elected to the Master Court for 2019-2020:

Deacon:  Dr Beverly Bergman
Collector: Brian McAlinden CBE
Late Deacon: Professor Ewan MacDonald OBE

Ex-Conveners:    Dr Alistair Dorward, Roy A. Johnson, James Y. Miller

Ex-Deacons:   Dr. Iain Lennox, Liam Devlin, Dr Christine Linnell, Duncan Norman, Trevor Paterson, Dr. Adrian Pierotti, James H. Roulston

Masters:  Jonathan Wright, Jocelyn O’Shaughnessy, David McClements, Liam Entwhistle

The outgoing Deacon, Professor Ewan MacDonald, placed the chain on Deacon Bergman who proceeded to thank him for a wonderful year as Deacon during which many new members were recruited.

Our Clerk, Tom Monteith, then swore in the new Collector, the distinguished educationalist, Brian McAlinden CBE.

The Clerk was warmly thanked for all his work this year and unanimously elected to continue in that capacity.

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