Thursday, February 27, 2020

Guests at the Choosing Dinner

One of the joyous features of the Annual Choosing Dinner is our regular group of loyal and far-travelled guests. ExDeacon Adrian Pierotti organized a day out in the country the next day to thank our London friends and the group from Basel who have been coming to our dinners for years and entertained us royally in Switzerland each year.

First of all a rather good extra photograph from the Dinner showing Deacon Bergman, speaker Maurice Corry MSP, exDeacon and toastmaster Adrian Pierotti and Collector of the House John McKnight. Also on display is the great chair of the Incorporation.

Now that Outing......

ExDeacon Pierotti, John Rubinstein (Past Master Cordwainer of London, Deacon Bergman, and Lukas Huber from the E. E. Zunft zu Schuhmachern 

The party at Glengoyne Distillery

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